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Miss Czech Slovak US Pageant

1988 Pageant

Queen: LaRana Skalicky, Colorado
1st Runner Up: Kimberly Landes, Oklahoma
Luanne Baxa, Kansas
Jordana McBride, California
Candyce Vana, Nebraska

LaRanna Skalicky, Colorado Czech Queen, of Golden, Colorado was crowned the 1988-90 Miss Czech USA Queen. She is a graduate of Steven’s College of Columbia, MO and a dancer with a professional dance ensemble in Denver, Colorado. She is the daughter of Melvyn and Geri Skalicky of Salina,KS. WIthteh title she received a $200 US Savings Bond, crown, trophy and flowers. First runner up was Kimberly Landes, Oklahoma who received a $100 US Savings Bond and trophy.


Shirley Christoff – Illinois

Paul Novak – Wyoming

Sharon Prochaska – Nebraska

In 1988 John named the following to eth Pageant Board of Directors:

Nebraska – Doris  Ourecky

Kansas – LaVange Shiroky

Oklahoma – Richard Vrska

Arizona – Orin Svarc

Colorado – Marge Dizek

Wyoming – Paul Novak

Due to John Fiala’s new employment duties in 1988, Doris Ourecky took over the pageant duties.