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Miss Czech Slovak US Pageant

1993 Pageant

Queen: Angela Young, Texas
1st Runner Up: Leslie Sabata, Nebraska
2nd Runner Up: Molly Reid, Missouri
Jill Chalupsky, Minnesota
Tami Effle, Nebraska
Annmarie Fabus, Michigan
Jenny Jafek, Oklahoma
Carolyn Koenig, South Dakota
Jennifer Krejci, Nebraska
Mary Ann Krupka, South Dakota
Marria Pratka, Oklahoma
Jennifer Soukup, Kansas
Carlye Zajicek, Texas

Angela Young of Houston Texas was crowned the 1993-94 Miss Czech-Slovak USA Queen. Angela attends the University of Houston with her future goal as a Child Psychologist. She is the daughter of Glenn and Betty Jo Young. Leslie Sabata, Nebraska was crowned the 1st runnerup and the Costume award winner.  Molly Reid, Missouri was crowned the 2nd runnerup and Talent Award. Jennifer Soukup, Kansas was chosen as Miss Congeniality.

This was the first year the pageant was held in the New Wilber Outdoor Community Theatre.

Annette Vanek – Nebraska

Connie David – Minnesota

Susan Kokes – Colorado

Rhonda Nemecek – Colorado

First year Missouri was represented.